luni, 27 aprilie 2009

Hand in hand...

This leg could help me to continue working and having a normal life.Any help is welcomed. Please check tis to see my dream leg.

For any donation please use this accounts.Thank you for support! Iulian Tataru

RO05BRDE020SV19997460200 EURO
RO49INGB0000999901335816 RON

For contact please sms or call:

+40743341453 my brother Liviu"Joker" 24h

+40746469540 Iulian

joi, 23 aprilie 2009

let the photos speak for me

1988,that black day changed my life

First time after surgery,back home in Onesti,my hometown.I will never forget that black day,if 2 moths ago I was a normal kid who loved to play and run,since then I jump like a bird.I need a new leg for me to carry on,to walk like a human.Miss everything i left behind because of that gipshy who throw me from the train,this picture is made few months after the"accident",I was only 11 years old.